(Revised September 3, 2019)


The name of this organization shall be:  the Northland Photography Club.

ARTICLE II - Purpose

- To develop, share, and display the photographic interests and works of its members.

- To hold regular meetings devoted to photography and photographic activities in their various phases.

- To generally promote interest in and present photographic techniques.

ARTICLE III - Membership

Anyone interested in photography may become a member by the payment of dues and signing a membership information and waiver form.

Active membership shall have two (2) sub-classes: Regular (individual) and Family.

Regular membership shall be for a single individual.

Family membership shall be for members of the same family living in the same household related by birth, marriage, partnership, adoption or other dependant of the member.

For family members under age 26, residence in the same household is not required if attending school or serving in United States military service.

Membership of any person may be suspended or revoked by the Executive Board for non- payment of dues or for other good and sufficient reason. The Board shall have full discretion as to what constitutes "good and sufficient reason". Examples of what could constitute good and sufficient reason include, but are not limited to: obscene or threatening behavior and personal behavior that disrupts or interrupts meeting(s) to the detriment of other members' participation and enjoyment. The suspended member may appeal the suspension to an open meeting of the club, in which case the action of the board will be upheld or rescinded by a majority vote of the membership. The vote is to be taken by secret ballot.

Privileges of Membership:

- All members, whose participation meets the requirements set forth in these Bylaws, may speak, make motions and vote during club meetings.

Any member in good standing may be elected to or retain office.

- Any member in good standing may serve on standing or special committees.

- Any member in good standing may participate in club meetings, programs, workshops, field trips, competitions, and other events. - Some meetings, programs, workshops, field trips or other events may be designated as private and limited to members only and/or may have age restrictions due to the venue.


The annual dues for individual or other types of membership shall be set by the Executive Board with the approval of a simple majority vote of the membership at the December club meeting. Any changes in the annual dues will be effective for the following year.

Annual dues shall be paid on a calendar year basis.

ARTICLE V - Meetings

Regular meetings of club shall, if possible, be held on the first Thursday of each month. The dates of regular meetings may be changed when necessary, or a special meeting may be convened when it is deemed in the interest of club. Such action may be taken by the Executive Board or, in the event of an emergency, by the President or Vice-President and one other Officer. Reasonable notice of such change or addition shall be given to club members.

ARTICLE VI - Executive Board

The Executive Board shall consist of the following nine members: the current president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, four elected directors, and the immediate past president.

The management of the club shall be directed by the Executive Board.

The Board shall handle all routine business of club and shall authorize the expenditure of funds for all Club expenses such as speakers, equipment, supplies, printing, fees, and mailings.

For issues that can be decided without a formal meeting, the Board can conduct a vote via email or phone.

Five members of the Executive Board shall constitute a quorum.

The Executive Board shall set its own time, place, and frequency of meeting.

Any member who wishes to bring items requiring Board action to the attention of the Board may do so at any time by alerting the President or any other Board member. The Board will discuss the issue(s) at the next Board meeting.

ARTICLE VII - Elections and Terms of Service

The following officers shall be elected by the membership: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and four directors.

The Executive Board shall act as nominating committee for president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer and four directors. In September, nominations are gathered at the September membership meeting.  The secretary will contact the nominees to verify willingness to serve. The nominations shall be presented at the October membership meeting. Additional nominations may be made from the floor after the presentation of the nominating committee. Nominations for the offices of directors shall be made from the floor.

The election shall be held at the November  membership meeting. Members must be present at the meeting to vote. Absentee voting is not allowed.

Officers and Directors shall be elected for one-year terms beginning at the close of the November meeting where the election is held and ending at the close of the November meeting the following year. In December, at the Christmas Party, the new board is presented to the membership. 

Voting method will be determined by the Executive Board. The candidates receiving the highest number of votes for each office shall be declared elected and their term will start immediately after the November meeting is adjourned.

No Officer or Director can be elected to the same office for more than two consecutive terms, unless he or she is elected to that office by more than 80% present at the meeting where elections are held.

If the President vacates office during the year, the Vice-President shall become President. If any other Officer or Director vacates office during the year, a successor shall be appointed by the president and approved by the Executive Board.

A request for removal from office of any officer may be made by any member in good standing. The request must be made to the Executive Board with proof of negligence or misconduct with regard to the activities of the club. Final action for removal shall require a majority vote of the membership present at a regular monthly meeting. The vote will be taken by secret ballot.

ARTICLE VIII - Committees

The club standing committees and their duties shall be:

Program Committee - Under the direction of the Vice-President, the program committee shall arrange the programs for all Club meetings.

Field Trip Committee - Organize, promote, and administer field trips for club members. 

Print Competition Committee - Organize, promote, and administer print competitions for club members.

- Exhibition/Selling Committee - Organize, promote, and administer exhibits and selling venues for Club members.  

As soon as possible after being elected to office, the President shall appoint the Chairpersons of the Standing Committees. The Secretary shall immediately notify the Chairpersons and the Board of the appointments. The Chairpersons shall recruit members to assist them as required.

The President may at any time appoint an ad hoc committee for a special purpose, but the actions of such committee shall be subject to the approval of the Executive Board in accordance with the intent of these By-laws.

ARTICLE VIIII - Amendment of By-laws

An amendment to these By-laws may be proposed by any member in good standing, submitted to the Executive Board, and discussed at the next regular membership meeting. Written or emailed notice shall then be sent to each member stating the proposal and that it will be voted on at the next regular meeting, providing twenty-eight days have elapsed between the notice to the membership and the balloting.

Subject to the above, these By-laws may be amended at any regular meeting of the club by a two-thirds majority of those present and voting.

ARTICLE X - Duties of the Officers

The President:

- Preside at all meetings of the membership and the Executive Board.

- Appoint all committee heads.

- Act as club spokesperson.

- Call Executive Board meetings when necessary to formulate policies or conduct urgent and essential business; and conduct general management of the club.

- Serve as an alternate signatory to the club’s checking account

The Vice-President:

- Assume the duties of the president in the latter’s absence.

Direct the work of the Program Committee.

- Serve as an alternate signatory to the club’s checking account.

The Secretary:

- Record and submit minutes of all business and educational or recreational meetings.

- Notify members of club meetings and events.

- Conduct the correspondence of the club, via regular or email.

- Work with the treasurer to maintain an up-to-date membership list from which voting eligibility can be determined.

The Treasurer:

- Maintain a record and have custody of the club’s funds and dues - Discharge funds for club expenses and keep a record thereof, in accordance with the approved budget or on approval of the Executive Board.

- Issue membership cards.

- Make periodic reports of the club finances.

- Work with the secretary to maintain an up-to-date membership list from which voting eligibility can be determined.

- Present his or her books for annual audit to a club member who is not currently serving on the Executive Board.