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Warsaw Mo Map

Just South and East of here.

                     Things to see.

Truman Dam /Visitors center, Warsaw Mo.

Benton County Missouri Museum and Historical Society. 

Truman lake.

Lost Valley Hatchery.

Harry S Truman State Park.

West Bend State Park.

Up I-29 to platt city and just west a few miles.

Flint Hills of Kansas map.

Just south and east of Topeka  Kansas 

Things to see.

Bird Runner Wildlife Refuge.

a 320-acre prairie preserve in the Flint Hills of Kansas

The Smoky Hills of western Kansas.

                    Things to see.

Arikaree Breaks Cheyenne County.

located in the extreme northwestern corner of the state of Kansas.

Cedar Bluff State Park south of Ogallah, Kansas.

Castel Rock & Badlands is about 12 miles south of Quinter and Collyer, Kansas.

Chalk Pyramids or Monument Rocks Between Oakley and Scott City in western Kansas.

EL quartelejo museum in Oakley, Kansas.

Tuttle Creek Lake Area

North and West of Topeka Kansas.

                    Things to see.


Fort Riley.

Manhattan Kansas Area

Deep Creek Road (& Pillsbury) to old K18.                

                    Things to see

Flint Hills Discovery Center

Flint Hills National Wildlife Area

Flint Hills Bead and Breakfast, Manhattan Kansas.

Alma Kansas Area

Highway 99 is on the Native Stone Scenic hwy.                  

                    Things to see.

Wabaunsee County Historical Society/ Museum

Plumlue Buffalo Ranch

Alma Creamery

Antique Emporium

Lathrop Mo

North up I-35

                 Things to see

Lathrop Mo Steam Engine Festival