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Our contest themes for 2019


Your best of 2018


Tools of the Trade A still life or action shot can be used to feature the tools of any trade. A special collection of kitchen utensils, or those of a surgeon or mechanic - it's up to your interpretation.


A New Perspective Looking up, ground level or looking down! Don't fall into the trap of shooting everything at eye level, just as you see it. Take time to explore your subject. Get up high to explore a new view or get low and see what changes!


Bridge Take a picture of any bridge you find interesting. You can be on, under or away from the bridge. It can be taken day or night.


Long Exposure Take any long exposure picture, day or night. Must use a shutter speed 4 seconds or longer.


Scenic This one is going to be specific. Shoot a local (KC, MO or KS) park as if you were going to have the conservation commission use it as advertising for the park.


Bikes Moving or still, modern or vintage, motored or not, we want to see the creative way you feature one or more bikes in your photography.


Planes, Trains & Automobiles


Roadside Attractions Unique perspective of a well known roadside attraction


Wildlife Maybe you got a great picture during your trip to Yellowstone or maybe you just walked out into your backyard. Anything not domesticated with feathers, fins or fur.


Fall Foliage This one was recommended because most of the club members goes out and shoots this.


2019 Print Competition Run Off Run off competition of all the First, Second, and Third place winners from the 2019 print competitions.

Print Competition rules for 2019 

With the exception of January all photos must be taken after the conclusion of the January 11 , 2019 Meeting. The competition is open to any member who has paid dues for the current year. Each member is allowed to submit one print for each month. The dimensions of the print must be 8" x 10", 8" x 12",or 8.5" x 11". Any prints that are not of these three dimensions will be disqualified. White space around the image is acceptable, but the paper size must be one of the three listed sizes. The prints must NOT be matted or framed Each Print must have the members name and title of the print on the back of the photo. The winning prints will be scanned after the meeting and a composite of the photos will be posted on our Smug Mug sight in the print competition winners page . By clicking on the picture below the year you will see all 12 monthly winners for that year.