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Our contest themes for 2018.

January 2018: 

Your best of 2017


A Photo of A Door or Window.

    Could be simple or ornate. Don’t Include a person in it.



    The Eyes are the Windows to the soul. The photo for this topic should focus on eyes, animal or Human, that communicate emotion or the essence of the person/animal subject.


Your best work:

    (any year) Not a photo that has been entered before at Northland photo club.



    (emphasis on dramatic shadows).


Patterns in Nature:

    Nothing Man-made or arranged: There are a number of books on the topic by various authors.


Environmental Portrait:

    A portrait of a person that defines in one image, What this person does for a living or an activity they are involved with. The subject “should” have eye contact with the Photographer (it is a Portrait). The subject must be aware they are being Photographed. There environment should clearly show what they do and where they work.


    A soccer player, ball under the arm, Net in the background. A baker holding A tray of fresh Cinnamon rolls and smiling at the photographer. A banker in front of the Bank vault.


Water, up close and Personal:

This photo can be Marco, abstract, or staged (e, g, Fruit dropping into a glass of water) focusing on water or the movement of water. No landscapes or seascapes - this is all about water, itself, and not its surroundings..


Architectural Detail:

    Some part of a building that is interesting to you, and hopeful also the architect.


Perfect Timing..(Freezing Action):

No Photo shop, editing or stacking Photos to get this effect. An Eagle grabbing a Fish, Capturing a fighter just as he makes contact, etc.


Leading Lines:

    Strait or Curved line leading the eye to the subject.


Is a Runoff of : winners for each month of current year..

Print Competition rules for 2018 

With the exception of January all photos must be taken after the conclusion of the January 12 , 2018 Meeting. The competition is open to any member who has paid dues for the current year. Each member is allowed to submit one print for each month. For 2018, the dimensions of the print must be 8" x 10", 8" x 12",or 8.5" x 11". Any prints that are not of these three dimensions will be disqualified. White space around the image is acceptable, but the paper size must be one of the three listed sizes. The prints must NOT be matted or framed Each Print must have the members name and title of the print on the back of the photo. The winning prints will be scanned after the meeting and a composite of the photos will be posted on our Smug Mug sight in the print competition winners page . By clicking on the picture below the year you will see all 12 monthly winners for that year.