Competition Themes - NorthlandPhotographyClub

2019 Print Competition Themes


Your best of 2018


Tools of the Trade - A still life or action shot can be used to feature the tools of any trade. A special collection of kitchen utensils, or those of a surgeon or mechanic - it's up to your interpretation.


A New Perspective Looking up, ground level or looking down! - Don't fall into the trap of shooting everything at eye level, just as you see it. Take time to explore your subject. Get up high to explore a new view or get low and see what changes!


Bridge - Take a picture of any bridge you find interesting. You can be on, under or away from the bridge. It can be taken day or night.


Long Exposure - Take any long exposure picture, day or night. Must use a shutter speed 4 seconds or longer.


Scenic - This one is going to be specific. Shoot a local (KC, MO or KS) park as if you were going to have the conservation commission use it as advertising for the park.


Bikes - Moving or still, modern or vintage, motored or not, we want to see the creative way you feature one or more bikes in your photography.


Planes, Trains & Automobiles


Roadside Attractions - Unique perspective of a well known roadside attraction


Wildlife - Maybe you got a great picture during your trip to Yellowstone or maybe you just walked out into your backyard. Anything not domesticated with feathers, fins or fur.


Fall Foliage - This one was recommended because most of the club members goes out and shoots this.


No print competition.  A slideshow of all the 2019 First, Second and Third place winners will be shown at the Annual Christmas Party.