2021 Print Competition Themes

Updated Sunday, 3 January 2021

January Your Best Shot of 2020 

Select one photo you captured in 2020. It must be a photo you have not previously entered into one of our monthly contests.

February - The Eyes Have It

JUST the eyes or eye - of a dog, cat, cow, horse, human or whatever

March - Monochrome

Shoot a photo in a single color.

April - Reflections

Capture an item and it's reflection.

May - Weather

Stormy, lightning, sunset, tornado, snow or hail - photograph any weather condition or it's aftermath.

June - Red

Shoot something/anything red.

July - Through the Looking Glass

Shoot an object or scene through "glass."  For example, a through a crystal ball or drinking glass, or through a rain-covered window.  It has to be more than shooting through a window or windshield.  The glass has to alter the appearance of the object or scene.

August - What's Bugging You?

A macro photo of any sort of insect or arachnid.

September - Patterns of Nature

Can be close or further away, but must be natural and not manipulated by humans in anyway.

October - Architecture

Building interior or exterior

November - Motion

This could be either freezing motion or blurring motion but a capture of something in motion.  This could include things like birds or airplanes in flight, cars, etc.  The focus of this exercise is to learn to track objects in motion or stop them while in the frame.