2022 Print Competition Themes

Updated Saturday, 8 January 2022

January - Your Best Shot of 2021 

Select one photo you captured in 2021.  It must be a photo you have not previously entered into one of our monthly contests.

February - Black and White

Your chance to find your inner Ansel Adams

March - Light Painting

Paint or draw with light using long exposure photography

April - Texture

Rough, smooth, serrated, bumpy, brick, wood, or metal

May - Ruins

Ruined farmsteads or other abandoned buildings

June - Natural Sunlight

The challenge is getting the light where you want it just using the sun and reflection (reflectors are okay to use)

July - All About the Bokeh

Any subject goes but this is all about the beauty of Bokeh

August - Working Hands

Just the hands

September - As The World Blurs By

The world in motion using slower shutter speeds to blur the action

October - Silhouette

The subject of your photo should be silhouetted

November - Weather

Stormy, lightening, sunset, tornado, snow or hail - photograph any weather condition or it's aftermath